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Fish are Friends for Animal-loving Girl

Andrea Wurster holds her tadpole, Look, before he absorbed his tail.

Scarlett Anderson , Reporter

The dictionary defines Marine biology as a branch of marine science involving the study of animals and plants that live in the ocean and the shoreline and how they interact with the environment. To Andrea Wurster, it means that and so much more.

Andrea has devoted a large part of her life to fish. With every trip to the pet store, she buys fish that are old or sick so she can keep them from dying in the store. Her tank is a full 29 gallons and holds a multitude of colorful fish, snails, and even a few sharks. While she enjoys breeding and caring for her fish, her most beloved animal is Look, her young American Bullfrog.

On one of these trips to Pet Smart, she met her new pet. He was shipped to the store on accident and they had no room to keep him. The staff was on a desperate search for anyone who could take the young tadpole. Andrea stepped up to take him, her instinct to care for unwanted things on full attack. She cared for him and gave him the home he needed, as if it was meant to be. Unfortunately, Look died last week. The cold weather made the heater in his tank break and when Andrea went home after school, he was floating belly-up. She was heartbroken, and misses him very much.

While this may seem like a lot to deal with on top of high school, all of the things she does are in preparation for her dream. She wants to be a Marine Biologist with a public aquarium, “…not a famously huge one. Just a small one to give me an excuse to buy multiple tanks.” Her love for these creatures is contagious and, since talking to her, I have developed a greater appreciation for marine life.

Andrea has inspired me. She knows what her dream is, and she has done everything she can to make it come true. While most people her age are concerned with hanging out, she has taken serious steps in making sure her life goes the way she plans. I think that as a generation, we can learn much from people like Andrea.

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